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"Cowbell" A precise instrument for measuring the composition of light, determination of refractive index of solids or liquids and exploring other related optical concepts. Allows students to perform prism and grating spectrometry. High quality optics ensures sharp spectral images while precision machining and fitting allows for precise rotation and accurate measurement. The turntable is mounted on heavy bearings and can be rotated about vertical axis. Streamlined body to avoid crevices around fittings. Holding pillars for both, telescope and collimator, of solid metal block to provide ruggedness and durability. Has a heavy, sturdy, stable cast metal base, with scratch resistant epoxy-coating. The general finish of the apparatus is similar to that of the intermediate model. The instrument is mounted on a baseboard, which fits into a polished hardwood case. Scale: Main scale about 150mm in diameter is fixed on the turntable that also holds telescope. Scale is precision engraved 0-360º × ½º, which is further complimented a precision engraved, double ended verniers provides convenient reading with a least count of 30”. Rotations of both the scales, main as well as vernier, have fine adjustment screws, and release of a clamping screw enables coarse adjustment to be made by hand. Collimator: Mounted on fixed pillar and fitted with 178mm focus achromatic objective, 32mm clear aperture. A unilaterally adjustable slit, 6mm long is also fitted. Telescope: Mounted on moveable pillar and fitted with 178mm focus achromatic objective. Also fitted is a 15× Ramsden eyepiece and a cross-line graticule. Both the telescope and collimator provided with rack and pinion type focusing mechanism for ease in operation and precise focusing. Means are provided for aligning the axes of both the optical units and for squaring them to the axis of rotation. Prism Table: The table is marked with grooved lines to assist placing the prism with respect to the table leveling screws, and has interchangeable clamping units for the prism and a diffraction grating. Standard Set of Accessories, supplied in case: • Dense Flint Glass prism -1 No. • Prism clamp – 1 No. • Diffraction grating holder – 1 No. • Watchmaker’s eyeglass – 1 No. • Tommy bar / L Key for adjusting optical axis of tubes – 1 No. • Polished hardwood case.

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