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Narang Scientific Industries

Cowbell ™ Ekomilk Bond I4

MODEL NO Ekomilk Bond I4 [ 1973 views ]

1. Automatic Milk Analyzer & Ultrasonic Processor in one unit 2. Ultrasonic Processor Having Adjustable Time & Frequency 3. Simultaneous FAT and SNF analysis 4. 4th Generation High Speed ARM Processor Simple , Easy to Use, Economical 5. No Acid of Other Chemical Required 6. Built in Secure Calibration Procedure 7. Facility to Monitor Calibration Changes 8. Fast & Accurate 9. Easy to Clean, Single Cell 1. .Suitable for Cow/Buffalo/Mixed Milk 11. Measurement Time: 40 Seconds 12. 4 Line LCD Display 13. In Built Data Processing Facility 14. On Line Connectivity for Weighing , Printing, Remote Display 15. Large Memory ( 2 GB – More than 5 years data storage) 16. Multiple / Future / Rate Charts 17. Built in Reports 18. Import & Export of Data to USB Drive 19. Auto Backup / Restore 2/. Interface with USB Keyboard • Hot keys Facility for all Major Operations • Self Diagnosis – System Error Display • Facility for Field Programming / Upgradation

# Cat.No. Name Parameter
1 EKBI4-01 Ekomilk Bond I4 Fat,SNF,CLR & Added Water
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