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Cowbell ™   Burette Clamp

Cowbell Burette Clamp Die pressed sheet made of mild steel & power Coated. To hold one burette to hold two Burettes.

MODEL NO Burette Clamp
Cowbell ™   Three Finger Clamp

Cowbell three finger clamp made of AI-alloy die casting capacity hold upto 90 mm dia provided M.S. 7" rod chrome Plated ...

MODEL NO Three Finger Clamp
Cowbell ™  Four Finger Clamp

Cowbell Four Finger Clamp made of Al -alloy die casting hold upto 90 mm Provided with M.S. 7" rods Chrome plated cork li...

MODEL NO Four Finger Clamp
Cowbell ™   Universal Clamp

Cowbell Universal clamp made of Al -alloy die casting hold upto 75mm dia Provided with M.S. 7" rod chrome plated cork li...

MODEL NO Universal Clamp
Cowbell ™  Retort Clamp

Cowbell Retort Clamp made of Al-alloy die casting hold upto 75mm dia provided with 7" mild steel rod cork lined finish p...

MODEL NO Retort Clamp
Cowbell ™   Jumbo Clamp

Cowbell Jumbo Clamp made of Al-alloy jaws are rubber Sleeves hold from 60mm to 150mm dia artices mild steel rod length 1...

MODEL NO Jumbo Clamp
Cowbell ™   Condenser Clamp

Cowbell Condenser Clamp Moulded Brass three finger jaws Adjustable by two independent screw mild steel rod 12"x3/8 Chrom...

MODEL NO Condenser Clamp
Cowbell ™  Three finger Co-axial Clamps

Cowbell three finger co-axial clamps moulded jaws with absetos sleeves spiring controlled adjustable by co-axial brass n...

MODEL NO Three finger Co-axial Clamps
Cowbell Dairy Equipment Co. is a leading manufacturers and exporters of Dairy Equipments, Milk Cans Aluminium, Milk Cans Stainless Steel, Cream Separators from 60 LPH to 1000 LPH., Stainless Steel Milk Collection Accessories, Milk Buckets, Aluminium Buckets, Stainless Steel Buclkets, Measuring buckets, Butter Churners, Alcohol Gun, Acidity Gun, Milk Fat Testing Equipments, Bulk Milk Coolers, Cheese Press. Our Products: Dairy Equipments for Milk Fat Analysis. Cream Separators From 60 LPH to 1000 LPH Stainless Steel Milk collection Accessories. Milk Cans Stainless Steel & Aluminium Milk Buckets Stainless Steel & Aluminium. Cheese Press, Cheese Moulds, Cheese Vat Milk Chillers, Bulk Milk Coolers, Milk Pumps Lab Glasswares & Plasticwares.